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We source only all natural proteins with no additives or hormones including wild-caught and grass-fed options.


We hand select the finest produce with quality check points to ensure highest standards are met.


Our bakery items are made with all natural products including organic agave, honey, and gluten-free flours.


We make the majority of our sauces and marinades in-house using only natural ingredients, and no preservatives.


  • Unbelievable! I was recommended FitChow by a friend and was hesitant to try it. I can't even tell you why. No clue. Now I am so sorry that I waited so long! Only 1 bowl in to my 6 bowl order and I am ready to order more. This is my first time trying to eat healthy and I was certain that I would have to drench this food with hot sauce or soy sauce to make it somewhat edible. Boy was I wrong! My son is a very picky eater and he basically ate more than I did. Being a single mom that works full time makes cooking dinner the last thing I want to do. Problem solved. Best thing ever.

    Audrey P.
    Audrey P.
  • I was hesitant at first to try this whole meal plan thing, BUT I am sure glad I did!!! Rick is an amazing chef and the meals are just delicious! You can tell he has a lot of passion and doesn't just throw together meals to make money. He truly puts his love for creating the food into each dish. His prices are extremely fair and if you compare it to nearby places, he has them beat! The quality and fresh ingredients used in all of his dishes make you love eating healthy. It was my first time ordering recently, but I can assure you that I will be a regular at Fit Chow!! Thank you so much for the amazing meals!!!

    Amanda P.
    Amanda P.
  • Fitchow is high qualify meals and exceptional service! I ordered based off the reviews I saw here on Yelp and it was exactly as I had read! The variety of meals offered is great and the taste was delicious. From ordering to pick up the entire process was very easy! Highly recommended. Thanks again!

    Nicole B.
    Nicole B.