Our Chefs practice what we preach
We know nutrition because it’s a lifestyle for us


Simply put… Our devotion is to the quality of our product and the people we serve. Our mission is to provide the best and healthiest ingredient recipes with a tasteful and unique spin. Maybe some of our stuff is a little whacky.. but what’s life without the fun?

Our view…
Well, we figure we’re in this maze together so lets help each other along the way. Right? We want to see you succeed and live a healthy, happy life. And we will do our part. From the farmers field to our chef’s knife. And from that little container we put it all in, to your happy tummy. The circle of life? maybe..

But, in all seriousness.. we are happy to serve. So thank you for your support.


I am so grateful for the journey and the opportunity to learn, grow, serve, and teach. My passion is in the weight room and in my kitchen and my devotion is to the people I have the privilege to serve.

Growing up, I was always the “FatKid”. It was not until I reached adulthood that I began to question the nature of attaining real results.

The “Secret”. I found it! 🙂 Unfortunately it is not glamorous. It is simple dedication and consistent nutrition. After all… abs are made in the kitchen. Right?

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